“Button Box!”

This is my button box open with my ever-growing collection in it!

The top of my box closed, painted and embellished!

This box JJ gave me about 3 years ago for Mother’s Day! I actually painted and decorated it to keep some smaller stamps together and sorted out! 

As my buttons are getting out of control I decided to get rid of the stamps in it and give them to my sis, ready to keep my buttons grouped together in colours!

 I think it It’s great now I can find the colour I want easily, and it looks pretty cool.  J loves that I use it!


2 thoughts on ““Button Box!”

  1. Kerri I love your button box. I have all mine in and old biscuit tin and if I became that organised it would take the pleasure out of running my fingers through the buttons to find the one I want. It is the best part of owning my large button tin. By the way have you seen the swap rabbit at the fence on the layout I posted yesterday. You just might recognise it. love Dee xxooxx

  2. Thanks for stopping by lovely, I think I might have to take a leaf from our book now (and in light of whats happened) and tailor a copyright notice for my tutorials got a few up my sleeve and few already up on the blog. Love your clay idea I lent a couple of my folders to a potter I know and her work is so textured now tee hee!

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