“Happy Mum’s Day!”

I hope all you mum’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day today and you all got brekky in bed, lots of presssies and totally spoilt!

My sis and kids came up today and we had lunch all together which was nice.  I had a bit of an over sleep in this morning, but oh well got around to mums in good time! 

I got spoilt by Cody and J and they bought me a new luxurious dressing gown and bright pink Uggs!  (slippers)

These are a few pics of  us all before we went to lunch and my pink uggs! We gave mum a new big chopping board and I made her  mini album!  My sis made this lovely cake for mum in the shape of a hat and it was delicious!

Isn’t this gorgeous! Ali did a great job on it!

Alison, Mum and me! not a bad photo of us all together!

Sorry! couldn’t resist showing you my hot pink Uggs! lol!

I managed a nice snap of J and I seeing as I havent been able to get some “good mood” pics lately with his knee trouble!


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