“Clay Button Embellies!”

As  yesterday was  National Scrapbooking Day I thought I would get out my DAS clay that I have been meaning to have a play with and do something with it!

I use the Das Air Dry clay that you don’t need to put in the oven!  I got it from an Art Supplies Shop!  You can get it coloured but I bought the white so I could colour them to suit what I was making!

It is easy to use, lovely and moist and you just break some off, work it in your hands for a few minutes, roll or squash it out and make buttons, shapes whatever you want! 

I put together a few pics to show you how I made my buttons and embellies!!

I really enjoyed making them and now have some unique things to use on my pages and cards etc!! Enjoy!!!

Pic 1 – This is the clay. You can buy it in different quantities. It comes sealed in a foil bag. It needs to be kept in a zip lock bag after opening to stop it from drying out!  There are lots of other brands out there also!

Pic 2 – This is the clay after I have worked it in my hands for a few mins! Sorry about the quality of this pic!

Pic 3 –  The little cake decorating cutters I borrowed off mum to cut out the shapes!  You can also use kids cookie cutters or things you can find around the house! After I cut them out, I poked holes in them with a quilling tool so they look like buttons!

Pic 4 –  This shows you how I embossed the clay in the folder!  Very simple and a lovely effect!  You could just also press into the clay things like paperclips, mesh etc   to get texture! I just cut around the cog to get the shape with an exacto knife! I just cut out the individual mini dominoes and rounded the corners!

Pic 5 – These are the buttons and embellies I made this afternoon! They are sitting on glad bake so the don’t stick! They will take 24 hours to dry before they are ready to colour and paint!

Pic 6 –  These are the finished products ready to use on my projects!  I made flowers, cogs, hearts, buttons, birds, mini dominoes, butterflies, leaves, and stars!


3 thoughts on ““Clay Button Embellies!”

  1. Kerri what a great idea and they look quite professional I love this idea. I am going to post a pic of a layout that I have done and the fence and rabbit feet will be very familiar to you. Thanks for sharing . Love Dee xxoo ps. Love that you used my flower on your project.

  2. WOW Kerri…. these are absolutely brilliant 🙂 I bought some coloured clay a while back, but its just been sitting in my cupboard, cos I wasnt quite sure what to do with it… I do now !!!! thanks for sharing xx

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