I created this lo today.  I didn’t do it as a challenge or anything; I had these few pics of Sam ‘helping’ me out as he does and I wanted to scrap them!!! I started with a sketch for a bit of direction, but it is completely different.  It  got me started and it didn’t take me long at all to put it together!!

I thought blues for a boy cat and for some reason I got ‘flowery”. Oh well for a cat layout it doesn’t really matter, does it?  It is what you would call’ monochromatic’ (all the same hues of one colour). I just enjoyed making this lo o f him to show what he gets up to on my desk all the time and into my wool! lol!     I know a few of you out there have the same trouble with your feline friends!! lol!!!


2 thoughts on ““Purr-Fect!”

  1. Hugs to you Kerri….thanks for dropping by my blog…we would love for you to join in the challenges….hope to see you next Friday night for our FNC….
    Love Kathie

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