“Bring Back Double Page Layouts!”

Just as I was complaining to myself of only seeing single page scrapbook layouts while  blog hopping , and in the magazines I buy, I realized my own blog has been guilty of this very offense {gasp}.  

 Don’t get me wrong, I love single page layouts, but the majority of my scrapbooks are filled with double page spreads, so I want to make sure my blog reflects my actual scrapbooking which it hasn’t of late  SO….

I will be creating  more double layouts, and more single page layouts with multie photos on them, to get more photos scraped!

 I am trying to catch up on my Project 365 which is now ‘Project 12’ and I think this has made me realise I love creating double pages!!! I just love having lots of pics on my pages that tell our stories!

I don’t want my layouts to be a burden to my children. I don’t want them to lose that specialness of my legacy for them because there’s so many damn layouts you know? So since then I decide to put more than one photo on almost every layout I do. I don’t feel they are any less to do, I get through more photos and less to store. Win Win.

Unfortunately, this is the minority. And because of that, I really find it hard to find ideas when the galleries all have one photo layout.

This one I just finished that is a” Review of January”.  As I am keeping up with my daily photos, but struggling with scraping each ‘daily’ this was the next best option for me at this time!!

I used some Twidddleybitz flourishes that I bought from the show, used pp, some Glimmermist, and some of my flowers!  I managed to get 12 wallet sized pics on  to this double which gets the months highlights down and documented!!  You will no doubt see some of the other pics I have taken over the months on other layouts!!!

  I am working on a double for February and I hope to have more doubles to show you soon!


2 thoughts on ““Bring Back Double Page Layouts!”

  1. hi, just hopping & admiring your site. I only work in double pages cause even before i was a scrapbooker, i took way too many photos. Now i have no chance of controlling my photography.hehe. have a great day

  2. You’ve done a great job fitting so many pics to a page. I almost never do double pages. I have the opposite problem to you- not enough photos! Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I see lots of multi-photo double page layouts at pagemaps.com, If you haven’t checked it out before, they have monthly sketches and samples. Another multi-double scrapper is Tiff Sawyer (from Twiddley bits). Check out her blog. She is truly inspirational.
    have fun!

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