“Vintage Ruffle Flower Turorial!”

I have been making different flowers this week and I found these blog hoping!  I know you have prob seen tutorials on them, but wanted to share mine with you!!!

They are fun and easy to make and I couldn’t help myself! lol!

Here goes and I hope you can follow it!!!

Supplies  you will need to make these beauties are:  some polyester/synthetic  fabric, tea light candle and some scissors. If you prefer you can cut out a few diff size circle  templates to cut around.  Additional Supplies – Needle and Thread, beads, buttons, bling!

STEP 1 – Cut out different size circles from your material using templates or freehand as I have done!  The more size circles, the more layers and  the better the flower!

STEP 2 – Colour your flowers if desired with Glimmermists, inks etc!  I bought white fabric to colour as I wanted to match my work!  you can buy this material in an array of colours!

STEP 3 – Use your scissors to cut slits around the circle. this will make them look  frillier. you dont have to if you dont want. I think the look lovely with the ruffles! (sorry about blurred pic, trying to demo and take pics!  lol!)

STEP 4 – Using your tea light candle carefully hold the edges of the fabric over the flame with tweezers so you don’t burn yourself!  You don’t need to touch the fabric with the flame as the heat will melt and curl the edges. Turn the circle to get all the edges melted!  Continue doing this with all your different size circles!  This makes your flower petals!!!

STEP 6 – This is how they will look after melting the edges!  Cool Hey! Layer them largest to smallest and either sew in the middle or glue together! Attach some pearls, bling or buttons for centres and your done!

Ta-dah!  lovely “Handmade Vintage Ruffled Flowers” I have made to use on my projects!

Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and I have inspired you to have a go at making them!!! TFL 🙂


4 thoughts on ““Vintage Ruffle Flower Turorial!”

  1. I am about to go and make some now. I will send you a few so that you can see the result. THANKYOU for sharing this with us all. Love Dee xxooxx

  2. I love the gold centres that you’ve used in the top pink flowers. Where’d you get them from? Thanks for the tip about snipping the edges to make them curl. I’d never heard of doing that before. Great tutorial!

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