“New Fabric Flowers 4 Sale!”

I have been working on getting some new fabric flowers made  this weekend! I have a few made to show you and I can make to your order! 

I have been making a 5 Petal flowers, Felt Rolled Roses and some new Lollipops!

The Five Petal flowers are made from 100% cotton quilting fabrics & lace that I am using up!   They are decorated with a vintage centre or button! I am using Felt squares and Denim cut offs for the Rolled Roses!  The Lollipops are made from tulle, denim and felt!!!!  The centres are pearls and buttons, and vintage flower centres that I purchased from the lovely Tracy at


I can make them in browns, greens, blues, pink hues!  Any colours you have in mind please email me and we can work out what you want!

I will put them up in the Header so you can find them easily!!


1 x large 5 Petal flowers and  2x Small  – $4

3x Rolled roses (denim, felt or both)  – $3

3x Lollipops – $2 

A  mixed bag of 1 x large 5 petal, 2 x small, 3 lollipops and 3 rolled Roses in your choice of tones  –  $7

I hope these pics give you an idea of my flowers and if you would like to order some please leave me a comment and I will get back to you or email me direct at stampnaddict@bigpond.com

Stay tuned for a few more designs during the week!!!!


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