“Use the Space you Have!”

I have been doing a bit of “blog hoping” looking for budget storage ideas for my damn stickers, masks, templates,rubons etc!  As I moved back into the lounge I lost my wall for storage!  “I wanted to use the ‘space that I have’ to my advantage!”

I decided to move my desk a bit and make room for my arch shelf unit to be all on the one side of the room; more unified I suppose it is now!

I have my bigger shelf unit with all my most frequently used supplies; like stamps, inks, scissors, pens, brads, etc on it and my other smaller unit sitting on my other table with my colour jars, books, photos and idea books!!

On my arch unit I have my bug and dies, buttons, flowers, materials, chippy and my lovely new hat boxes with ribbons and laces!!

Underneath my desks I have my photo boxes, punches, papers and other embellies!

If you have a look at the top photo I picked up an idea of how to display my stickers, etc and be able to find them, thus use them!  I attached two $3 cake cooling racks to the wall with some picture hooks and used my clips and rings from my towel rack idea!! Ta-dah all in my nice compact and organised scrap space!

I have maximised one side of our lounge for me and still room for everyone else!  I sorted through my baskets and boxes and made little labels so I know where things are!!!!  So be happy with the space u have and make it yours!!!! “Now to mess mine up!!! LOL!!!!”


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