“In With The Old!”

I am so over ‘printers!’ I just don’t seem to have any luck with them lately! Too much can go wrong with them!

I love typewriters; I think it’s because there is no fuss with them. Just put some paper in them and away you go!

I love being able to fit good amounts of journaling on my layouts but my handwriting takes up too much room! I do journal in my own hand but it is great to have a nice neat typed block on pages to!

I think that anyway!  I jumped on Ebay and found this one that looked in great condition, made sure I could get replacement ribbons for it, offered the seller a ‘Buy It Now’ price and she was happy with it, so SOLD!!!!

I am sooo happy with it!  It is in excellent working condition, has a lovely font and will keep me journaling for some time!  It arrived this morning from Mt Martha and I have been brushing up on my typing skills! lol! 

 Yes, it is a little noisy, but to me it is a productive noise and I love the clang of the keys!  That is the beauty of it; and now if I can just keep JJ off it that will be good!!!   I love it and I will be able to get lots of words down now, on all the lovely Journal blocks I have from some swaps!


One thought on ““In With The Old!”

  1. oh that is a beauty!! the font will look wonderful and you will be able to put the journalling tags in and fit your words on them where as with a printer you cant do that.. it is also not going to leave any carbon footprint using no electricity!! so i think this has been a great investment.. have fun!!

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