“Twinchie Swap Is A go!!”

Thanks girls for your support and joining me in this fun swap!

So Far we have:

1. Me

2. Jacqui Miles

3. Jan Biddle

4. Maria smith

5. Heather Waldron

6. Angie Budden

7. Sarah Pannell

8. Amanda Taylor

9. Suzanne Young

10. Sharon Dalton

11. Jenny Adams

We will do a colour theme to make it easier and get them to co-ordinate and look nice on your canvas!  Brown/Cream is traditional and would look lovely!

Anyone else wanting to join in can do so till Friday 8th April, then we will make our 9 Twinchies and send them to me by Friday 24th April. I will then swap them and return in post to you!

If you don’t have my addy just email me at stampnadddict@bigpond.com

or pm me in the forums or on FB!   Please make sure you include a SSAE for return journey and put them in a zip lock back to protect them from our weird weather!

I will update the Swap in the side-bar to let you know I have received them and when I have swapped and posted them back to you!

I hope you enjoy making them girls and any probs please let me know so we can have the swap run smoothly!


One thought on ““Twinchie Swap Is A go!!”

  1. Woo hoo! So looking forward to this, Kerri. Should be a lot of fun and loads of pretty things to play with later.
    Thanks for organising it.

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