“Weightloss Up and Down!”

Hi girls!

Thought I would ‘get my act together’ this week and report in!  I have lost 2.5kg, put it back on now lost it again!   OMG!  Have been pretty stressed with dad in hospital and JJ having an injured knee and back and forward to doctors and hospitals! We are so over it!

I am still sticking to my eating plan but with not a lot of time to walk it has made a difference to my weight loss and how I feel in myself!

Anyway no more excuses I plan on keeping on the positive road and hopefully will have a bit of good news for my doc! lol!

My boys are still a very positive influence for me, and even with Cody busy doing a course at the moment; he still gets me motivated even if he can’t walk with me!  I think the kids are enjoying the foods we have been having and the different meals!

I am enjoying cooking for them to which is great and thinking ‘healthy when planning meals and snacks!  Also JJ’s school lunches will be getting a change for the better! lol! I have been over and checked this out and got a few helpful tips and  ‘swap ideas, it might help you too!’  http://swapit.gov.au/

Great to see you are all still going even though a few have dropped off! Thanks for all your tips girls and ongoing support it has been great!!!


One thought on ““Weightloss Up and Down!”

  1. Oh I saw that ad on telly Kerri and thought it might be a good idea. I am really ahppy for you that your boys are encouraging you. Remeber that the stress you are under is going to have an impact but it won’t last forever, things will get better eventually. So you hang in there. If you lost 2.5 twice, well that’s quite an achievement – you can do it again. If you need encouragement, just drop us a line.

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