“Free To Good Home!”

When you get up in the morning, you never know what ‘the day will bring!”

I just must have been in the “right place at the right time” today!  My sis and her family came down for a visit today and we went up the street and got some bits for lunch!  I got back before her and I notice two doors down from mum and dads 4 chairs sitting on the nature-strip!  So of course I had to go and have a ‘sticky’!

They had a sign saying “FREE” and just to make sure I wasnt seeing things I checked with the owners!  They said they just wanted to get rid of them as they were shifting!  They also said they had a big couch and a shelf unit as well!  I never look “a gift horse in the mouth”. I couldn’t belive my luck!

As my couch is nearly had it I grabbed them and my lovely brother-in-law used his car and dads trailer to bring them home for me!  With a bit of swearing by the boys they finally got it in, as it was a bit longer than I realised! lol!  I think they were cursing me!

All I need to do is give the chairs and shelf unit a good wipe down and the couch a vacuum and they will be greatly ‘loved!  The chairs and unit are very sturdy and well looked after and the couch has not a mark on it!  There will be no puppy’s on this couch and it will have a cover on it for a bit of protection!!!


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