“Dabbling In 6×12!”

I  have decided that I am in need of a scrap-book change!

As much as I love the 12×12 size pages, I think its tooo big for me!   I think I am definitely a “smaller size’ scrapbooker!  I so love mini albums and their diff sizes and this is where I am more comfortable!

These two layouts are my first ‘dabble”   They didn’t take me half as much time to create and I had just as much fun making them!  These are ‘landscape’ and I will be creating in’ portrait’ too!

I think I was just following everyone else! There are lots of scrapper’s out there I have found that scrap small and do amazing creative layouts!!

It’s the space issue for me and I am not really big on the crowded layout style as much as I thought I was.  I know that trend of scrapbooking is in at the moment, and yes  it is nice, but not for all!

I saw  in a magazine the 6×12 size which is obviously 1/2 a 12×12 and thought maybe ‘this is me!’  Its a bit more space but not overwhelming!

I have Googled the page size and got some great ideas and sketches to get me going! I know it seems a ‘weird size’ but what the hey!  Give anything a go to get me creating!  I can also scrap in landscape as 12×6!  I can use sketches I already have and just adjust them to this size!

Having ago at this size will also be time efficient for me like the 81/2 x 11 and my cardstock and pp will further as I will use less for each layout!  I am enjoying using smaller photos at the moment to tell my stories and thus less ink to print photos so budget wise as well! I will get two layouts per cs sheet and page protector and still use my 12×12 that I have at the moment.

I still enjoy my ‘rustic’ style and I can continue to do all the techniques etc I have done on my larger layouts! Gotta make mess! lol!

I think if I want to have and go and stretch my creativity even if it’s a bit ‘outside the square’, then I think its right for me!   After all I am not scrapping for magazines or design team positions, but for me and my family!!!!

I hope maybe I have sent a little inspiration your way and maybe help you dive outside your comfort zone and just scrap for u and not be worried that you aren’t a 12×12 scrapper!!!!


One thought on ““Dabbling In 6×12!”

  1. absolutely Kerri!! you have to mix it up a bit and try other stuff – it’s good fun . I have done a couple of 8.5×11 layouts and sometimes having the less space helps to bring a LO together quicker.

    …and about making a mess ..yep love to do that too!

    Your work is great!
    Livvy x

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