“Grunge Flower Tutotial!”

I haven’t felt like scrapping much this week and have had a Flower Making Bug!  I love making these little Grunge type Flowers so I thought I would make a little Step By Step Tutorial for you to try them yourself!

Supplies Needed –  A scallop punch, dies or just make some circles if you don’t have punches, some ink, a paper piecer, brads, misting bottle and water, Stickles are opptional!

Step 1 –  Punch six of the scallops from your pp, sheet music, book pages cs etc!

Step 2 – Spray with water lightly so they are mosit! If you haven’t a spray bottle just pop them in and out of a container with water!

Step 3 – Squish in your fingers to crumple them!

This is how they will look!

Step 4 – Open them up and if desired ink around the edges of scallops to give them some definition!

Step 5 – Layer them together on top of one another!

Step 6 –  Using a paper piecer or something sharp, carefully put a hole in the centre through all the layers! At this step if they are a bit dry you could glue the layers instead!

Step 7 – Using a brad or a fastener of some sort, push thorough the middle and secure at back!

Step 8 –  Crumple each layer with your fingers  into the centre!This is how your little flower will look now! Step 9 – Using your fingers or a tool, gently pull the flower apart to separate the petals!  Be a bit gentle as not to tear them!  You could open them a little more and add some gems or buttons for their centres!

Step 10 – Ta-dahh, your own finished Distressed Grunge Flower! You can now put some Stickles on the edges of petals if desired and set them aside to dry!

I hope you could follow my tutorial and you have fun like I have, making a few for my layouts and cards!  I used double-sided pp, book and music pages and cardstock scraps from my stash!!!!


8 thoughts on ““Grunge Flower Tutotial!”

  1. Fantastic Tutorial Kerri! Nice and clear with lots of step by step pics, perfect… will put a link on my blog to it… thank you or sharing… I know how much work goes into a blog tutorial!

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  3. Thank you Kerri I am sitting here grinning like a cheshire cat surrounded by flowers.I am having such a great time ,thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us

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