“Just For Me…..!’- 5kg Weightloss Challenge!!

As one of my New Years resolutions was to lose some weight, I have decided to join in on this challenge blog with the lovely Karen, Nerrida and the girls to lose 5kgs!  The are  such an inspiration and if you would like to read Karen’s weight loss story it is here  http://karenshady.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-proudest-achievement.html

I have decided to get on board and take this challenge with the girls to make ME feel better about MYSELF! Yes. my doctor would like me to lose some weight, I would be nice to be a bit more ravishing lol! for my partner and also for my boys to be proud of me!  BUT!! I am doing this JUST FOR ME!!!!

To make me feel better about myself, maybe even look nicer in my clothes and mostly for my health!  I have had a high blood pressure problem for a while now due to birth complications, but if this weight loss means I can come off my medication that would be a bonus too!!!

OK so this morning I got mum old scales and weighed myself! As hers are in the old weights of pounds I converted it to kilos and I am  90.2 kgs, and for my height my doc says I should be about 80 kgs!

So from Monday 7/2/2011 here is my plan……….to get myself on the right track to lose my first 5kgs!

I am going to weigh and measure my self each Monday so I can have a visual sense of how I am going! I have lost 10kg before a while ago but got slack and put it back on! Grrrr!

I plan to cut out high carb foods like potato, pasta and bread! I am going to eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies and drink more water!

I have just bought myself some new walking shoes and will walk 45 mins at least 4 times a week! So this is how I will balance what I am putting in is going out too!  I think walking will also be good ME TIME to be on my own to think, relax and enjoy being outdoors! I hate Gyms and swimming maybe a later option!

I am sure with the support of the other girls in this challenge I can do this and improve my health and well-being!!!!   I will be updateing my page on the top header with my weekly progress if you want to see how I’m going!!

So thankyou for reading my ramblings about this challenge and I hope maybe I might inspire someone to take up this challenge too!!


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