“A Friend From Overseas!”

We had the best day today! Jacqui my online best friend met me in Ballarat today so we wouldn’t miss out on catching up. She lives in Tasmania (it’s over the sea! )lol, with her husband Steve and their FIVE munchkins! They planned on coming over here but as one of the kids developed a horrible bout of Asthm:, it was a bit difficult. We met a bit closer so it was easier for her!  I think they will need a holiday to get over their holiday!! It was lovely shopping and catching up together!  We visited a scrap shop as you can see (of course!) and met my sis for lunch!  Jacqui made me a gorgeous Shabby Chic wall hanging which will be going on my scrap wall tomorrow and will post a pic of it so you can drool!!!  I will treasure it!! The day went too quick and we had a great time!!!


One thought on ““A Friend From Overseas!”

  1. What a lovely day you must have had 🙂 They are the best days shared with friends, should be more of them I say
    Mary x

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