“The Space I Call ‘My Own’!”

The first  photo shows  I have moved my “Scrap Space” into our lounge.  I feel it is much easier to navigate and more “Kerri Friendly!’ lol! I had a bit of a clean up, labelled a heap of my stash so I know where things are and I think I will have some lovely, productive, scrapping time here!  I still have lots of space to spread out, as you do and it is lovely in front of the big window! Just in front  my desk is my comfy chair where I read or ‘nana nap!” The boys are always in the lounge and whether  I am blogging, doing an order or scrapping I am there with them! I hope you might get some ideas for your own scrapping spaces as well! 

 It may not be your idea of a scrap space, but until the boys one day  leave home I am making do with the space I do have ‘to call my own!’ lol!

The next pic shows you  under my desk. I decided to use that space and store my couple of boxes of ‘stuff’, photos etc and on the small shelf all the things I want to get to easily like my basket of punches! I also have my basket  of pp and cardstock right where I can access it easily!    Opposite from where I sit is my other table set up with my sewing machine so I can use this as oft as I want! I have my basket with my fabric bits and my other sewing stuff in the little bag! My cd rack next to it with some of my stamps!This is a closer look at the way I store my pens, watercolor pencils, and general journaling stuff! I have  attached my sketches on the holder also with my mini albums that make me happy! I made this from a small wine rack and used cardboard for the insides covered with pp! My pens lay flat and always work when I need them!These are the bits I use the most! I have my pens and pencils handy with my scrap sketches hanging and a couple of mini albums I made with playing cards! I use that light all the time and have  my scissors, tapes, stapler etc in the basket close handy too!


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