“Blog Award!”

I have just received another Blog Award! whoo hoo!

The lovely Anne Lavin gave me a little surprise this morning and I am so very wrapped my blog is worthy! Thankyou Miss Anne!

Anne is a very talented lady and check her beautiful work out here  http://raggedyannsplayground.blogspot.com/ she is also a Design Team  Member at Scrap With V!

To receive this award I need to;  1. Post this on my blog. 2.  Thank the wonderful person who gave it to me!  3.  Tell you 8 things about me  4.  Give this award to 8 more bloggers and let them know! easy peasy!

8 Things About me in 2011!

1. I am a Tea-aholic!

2. I love all things scrapbooking!

3.  I am addicted to making and swapping ATC’s!

4.  I have been a Kaszazz consultant for 14 months!

5.  I spend as much time possible with my 2 sons!

6.  I love blogging and all the online friends I have made!

7.  I am ‘walking daily’ to be happy and healthy!

8.  I am enjoying ‘the little things!”

My blog award goes to!

1.  Jacqui Miles

2. Heather Waldron

3. Sarah Pannell

4. Karen Shady

5. Sandra Wallace

6.  Lisa Aimet

7. Mel Pizzinga (aka stalker!)

8. Amanda Taylor


3 thoughts on ““Blog Award!”

  1. Ahhhhh!! Thanks so much!!
    I will get on to posting this as soon as I can.
    Are you sure you want to know 8 things about me??? then you will know all my secrets.

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