“Finally our Xmas Day!”

It is so hard sometimes to all get together on “Xmas Day”, when family lives out-of-town and juggling work etc!  My sister and her family, mum and dad, Aunty Daisy and the boys and I had a get together today at my place!

Alison and I planned this a month ago;  not to tell mum and dad they were coming here. Up till Alison picking them up today and getting up the driveway they didn’t have a clue!

It was so funny trying to convince dad to get out of the car as he thought were going to be late for our ‘pub booking!’ We finally got him to come inside and did they get a surprise! lol!

We had a great day, and as usual we over did it a smidge with the food! But everyone enjoyed the ‘joint effort’ we did to pull this off!  Lots of laughs and eating, the kids being teenagers and the pups looking for their ‘xmas dinner;, lol! I have some great pics and memories to scrap! 

These are a few pics of our fun day together which was the most important part of the whole day!! x


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