“Happy 2011!”

Well it’s finally 2011, and I can’t believe 2010 is done and dusted! lol! 

Did you see the new yr in? I just managed taking my first photo of 2011 at 12.05am this morning! What is wrong with me! lol!  I took some great pics of my boys mucking around in the front yard with sparklers! They had a great time and it was great to see JJ ‘getting back into life!” He is feeling and looking so much better! That in itself is such a positive start to the year!

Stay tuned for lots more of my ‘daily photos’ and other scrapbooking and Kaszazz  throughout the yr!

I have a busy day today doing all the prep for our ‘surprise Xmas  family lunch’ for our family tmorrow! My sis and family will be up early in the morning to help me and then we are picking mum and dad up at 12.30 for lunch! They still think we are going to the pub and I cant wait to see their faces! hehe!

Have a great 1st day of 2011 and will no doubt have lots of pics to show you tmorrow! x


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