“Xmas Baking!”

Today, Jayden woke up pretty good,and said he felt like helping me bake! Soo we made  abig mess and cooked 2 doz Double Choc Chip Muffins and a lovely Xmas cake for mum and dad!

We had a ball and the muffins are delish! The cake looks fabbo and hope it tastes as nice Will be taking it around to mum and dad tmorrow!  Never made a Xmas cake before but this recipe was soo easy and I had to give it a go!

It was nice to using my sifter and my big ceramic bowl that was once my grandmothers! I remember her mixing plum puddings in it and of course mum using it too!


2 thoughts on ““Xmas Baking!”

  1. Oh Kerry you need to come to my house and help me with all the cooking too!!! it’s always such a busy time in the kitchen this time of year… you cakes look yummy!!!

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