“My Scraps are Sending Me Mad!

Don’t ask me why but the storage of my scrap cardstock and pattern paper is sending me lala!  I have had them in a plastic file box under my table or sorted into their colours! What possible hardship could I have!

Getting to them from my chair is really annoying, and I think I nearly die every time I am bending half out of my chair looking for a particular colour! OK,  I hear you laughing!

As I have more room on my desk now, I ‘pinched’ Ali’s idea of them in a basket, up on the bench.  More assessable and more likely to be used!!

Problem solved! I loved her idea but had to make them colour coded so I knew where to go straight away! Sooo much better, and now I don’t break my back, and I am getting my ‘scraps’ of paper used! whoo Hoo!

If you have some great storage ideas to share email me and I will post them on my blog! x


2 thoughts on ““My Scraps are Sending Me Mad!

  1. Kerri, I am only laughing coz my system is the same (accordian file under the desk) and I have to do the same “bend & stretch” routine when I get into my scraps! 😉

  2. Lol I love it what a GR8 idea I hate my scraps box it drives me crazy trying to find what I need I am so going to do this Kerri thanks (P.s only 26 days till we go to vic so i will have to email you to set up things 🙂

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