“Gran’s Garden!”

Go on say it!!! Why has she posted all these flower photos!  I havent quite lost it;  I just wanted to show you my mum’s beautiful garden and why its her fault I love my garden too!  I told you it was inherited!!! LOL! 

Mum asked me to take some pics of her garden in flower so she could document (scrapbook!!!!) it; so she could write (journal!!!) down what she has in roses and other plants!!!! I laughed at her and said ” I told you I would get you scrapbooking one way or another!”  she then did laugh at me………

As Cody got a great camera with Macro on it for his 18th, I asked him if he would take some pics of Gran’s Garden for her, and of course I didn’t have to ask him twice!  He had a great time getting the ‘perfect shots’ for Gran!!!!

She has a beautiful collection of Roses and Alstomeria’s. She also loves Lilliums, Iris, Hibiscus and those lovely little “Granny Bonnett’s!

I am going to help her put an album together with all the bits of info she wants to write about her garden, and in yrs to come we can look back and see the beautiful garden that Gran has now, and  as I remember my Grandmother having when I was a little girl!

I hope you enjoy taking a littel ‘stroll’ through “Gran’s garden!’ x 


2 thoughts on ““Gran’s Garden!”

  1. just spectacular!! I love my garden too and wish i had more roses i have a bright pink and deep red in flower just gorgeous
    this is my new blog

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