“My Book Haul!”

These are my few books and Magazines I have bought over the last couple of  months! I love scrapbook mags and books that teach you something new!  With the AU $ nice and strong I bought these as they are very expensive here. I purchased most of them from either Amazon or Creating Keepsakes and they are exceptional! 

I have skimmed over the 3 scrap mags, and I am reading from cover to cover; ( i know me reading!) “Clean and Simple Scrapbooks by Cathy Zielske. She is the creative Editor of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine!

I am enjoying this book as it is making me see that my photos are the most important thing on my scrapbook page; not the ribbon, or embellishments etc!  She scraps in a minimalistic style with lots of cardstock and journalling!Cathy shows you how to design your pages, use white space, and journaling.  I’m only half way through!  She makes you see the bigger picture of the stories and the memories which is why I scrapbook! 

 I think I will try to get back to the basics a bit more, and tell more of my story! I am really enjoying her book, and I have another couple to read also which will keep me out of mischief for a while I think………


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