“Roses for my Friends!

These couple of bunches of Roses are from my garden! Yes, I do more than just scrap’! I have some 50 odd roses that I love and I could tell you the names of everyone! God I am getting like my mum and grandmother! 

As I had time this week with the boys spending some time with their dad, to catch up with my great friends Sheryn and Mary; I thought they might like some…..They are awesome girls and I am lucky to have them as my friends!

The roses were pruned back a bit harder this year and with all the great rain, they are at their best! I love their colours and their perfume is divine!  I am a bit addicted as you know!

I have Blue Moon. Northern Lights, Our Copper Queen, Sultry, Honey Boquet, The Prince, Charles Darwin x2, The Alnwick Rose, Graham Thomas, Double Delight x2, Tiffany, Fresia. Altisimo x2, Magma and Queen of Hearts, just to name a few!!!


One thought on ““Roses for my Friends!

  1. Thank you so much for my beautiful flowers Kerri. It gave me a real buzz! I love them and the scent in the house is gorgeous.
    Thanks again.

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