“Page Maps!”

I rarely buy books, as after I read them they just sit and collect dust!

The boys wanted to order a couple of books from Amazon while the Aussie $ was strong so I thought I would have a peek to and make it worth the postage!

I alway use http://www.pagemaps.com which is Becky’s Sketch Blog! I subscribed and I get an email every time she posts new sketches!

I had read different reviews about Becky Fleck’s Page Maps and #2 and thought I would buy them and give my own opinion!

I received #1 today and #2 is on its way! WOW is the word I would describe her book! She is so clever with her sketches and the way she shows you how to make them ‘your own”! I am sooo glad I got them and decided for myself and now can’t wait for #2 to arrive!

They are so well presented and she even gives you a set of pull out sketches to use. I have hung mine handy in my scrap space to refer to when the ‘grey matter’ wont work for me! I highly recommend her wonderful books!!!!


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