Bridgette’s Blog Whisper!”

This is my ‘right’ layout for Bridgett’es Scrap whisper over on her blog here; I had to go look for the right one in my Boot Camp layouts! I do apologise if you have already been here and saw the other one! Thanks Noels for letting me know I had mixed them up!

The lovely Bridgette Hatton organised this massive blog Whisper for us all to be in and it has taken a few months to get around to all the girls!

This is  my layout I created from Kim Arnold’s and if you go over here to Julie Winks you will see the lovely layout she created from mine!

Bridge has all the links to all our layouts in order on her blog , so you can see all the different changes that were made and how wonderful they all look!

Thanks soo much Bridge for the fun of the Whisper and to all the other girls that made it a great success!!! x


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