“Happy Mail!!!””

“Who doesn’t love getting “Happy Mail!” that is the mail that isn’t bills and is lovely items from lovely ladies you know, and swaps you have been hanging out for to see what you get back in return’!

Well this morning was a little “jackpot!” I received some lovely cards from Jenny from our card swap at The Boxx, my gorgeous flowers from Heather’s flower swap at home and Scrapped, plus some recipes and a donation for my GNI! I also received a lovely handmade flower from the wonderful Miss Jacqui she put in for me with her ribbons!

Isnt it nice to have lovely friends! What would we do without them! These ladies are the best and even though I have not met most of them as they live in other states, its like we have known one and other for years! I get to chat to them regularly in the forums I am involved in, and its not the same as having my wonderful friends here that I can turn to when I need them, but its nice knowing there are some lovely people in this world of ours!

Ok enough blabbering for me go and have a great day! x


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