“Hush Little Baby!”

This is the page I created with the girls over at  http://www.homeandscrapped.ning.com

They had never done one before and they had soo much fun with me’ Building their one of a kind pages!’

These photos of Cody proudly nursing his new baby brother were the ones I used for the page and the title I used for a layout for http://www.challengeheaven.ning.com

Have been up all night with a sick kid cutting what we thought was a wisdom tooth but now something else and I am a wee bit tired! That didn’t stop me posting this as I am soo happy with it and it captured the boys how I wanted.

These are the steps we used to ‘Build our Page”! would love to see what you come up with! Just email me your page and I will put it here to share with everyone!

Kerri – Step 1. – Adhere a die cut pattern paper to the left hand side of your cardstock right at the edge!!

Heather -Step 2: Cut a piece of pp 4 1/2 x 10 inches and place over the die cut with the left hand edges lined up. I distressed my edges, but you don’t have to.

Amy G – Step 3:  Add an embellishment on the joining point of Heather’s Paper and the Die Cut.

Ange -Step 4:   Either two 4×6 (one landscape one portrait as I have) or a 5×7 portrait and a couple of smaller (2x3s or 3x5s)

Angie – Step 5 – Cut a narrow piece of pp to sit under Heather’s rectangle. slipped in under the photo. Decorate the edge with a punch, deckle edge scissors, scallops or torn edge distressing as you prefer………..

Kim – Step 6:   Add your title below the picture, stretching across the page if necessary.

Jewels- Step 7: Add some doodling around the title area… if you absolutely HATE doodling, then substitute some rub-ons.

Amy B -Step 8: Make or find a suitable journalling tag in your stash, stick your photo down on all sides except the top side to make a pocket. Journal your photo/s on that tag and place it inside the pocket with the top sticking out. So the tag can be taken out to read. if you have already stuck your photo down you could just cut the top off the tag and glue it above the photo to fake the effect.

Have fun and I hope I see some of your lo’s!


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