“Altered Books Part 1!”

This is the first part of our altered books which the girls completed over the weekend! They used the time I set a side on Saturday and Sunday to get their books ready for the fun part of decorating in their theme this Sunday!

They glued pages together, tore heaps of pages out because they would be too bulky, stapled, punched holes and generally “ALTERED THE LOOK” of their books that were generously donated by Lisa one of the lovely girls in our group!

This is mine, depleted to about 1/3 of its original size! By the time they add pp, embellishments, paint, ink, stamp and generally alter their books the books would have too much strain on the binding and maybe tear! They  would also be  way to big!

They have to think about a theme for the way they are going to decorate it!

I have chosen Angels and Faith for mine, unless I change my mind again! hehe!  the girls could do such themes as “About me, butterflies, Pets anything they want!

Stay tuned to see the amazing creations I’m sure my talented group of ladies will create on Sunday! x


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