Hi girls

Thanks for all your support again this month for my swap, I am glad you are all enjoying them!

As we have more than 10 ladies joining in again this month you only need to stamp 2 images, on two tags and make 20 tags.  This way you don’t have to stamp as many and they will all be divided up evenly when I receive them all!This way you will get a nice mixture of images!

Could you please have them to me by MONDAY the 27th September so I can get them out to you by the end of the month and we aren’t waiting for ever for them!

Dont forget to put your name or blog on the back of them so we know who they are from!

If you have any suggestions for a theme or anything you would like to do please feel free to let me know as it all makes the swapping more fun and it helps me’!  Next month if you are up for it I thought we would do a Decorated Tag Swap for something a little different!

I just completed this page to show you how I like using the tags! The tags on the left and right sides of the page are two you will be receiving! I like layering them and journalling on them! There are so many ways to use them!

Most of all enjoy!


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