“Off the page project!”

This is my latest Off the Page Project I have attempted and finished!

This is a bird-cage I bought from Twiddleybitz at Paperific last weekend! I am progressing with my frame also!

I couldn’t work out how to do it for ages, so I invested in some advice from a few of the girls that i know in a couple of the forums and they were very helpful! Thanks to Mistra  at Home and Scrapped, Tiff Sawyer at Twiddleybitz, Chris Wormald, Ann Lavin, Lisa Kamphius and Kirsten at Born 2 Create!

It is so wonderful being involved with the girls in these foruns and they  become good friends and will help in any way they can!

I ended up painting and using  the Jo Sonja’s crackle medium on them! I let it dry then added a bit of Lumiere which is a shiny paint and it looks great! I used some lovely pearl string and the beautiful flowers are from Chris Wormald at Born 2 Create!


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