Tag Swap Update!

Hi Girls

Due to the large number of you in this swap this month one of the ladies has pulled out as she feels she wont use all the tags she will get!

At this stage there is 15 of us!  Do you all feel ok with it or do you think I need to limit it every month to 10 and if you miss out then try the next month. I am happy to contiue this way but some of you may feel it is too much; just let me know! Any input would be great from you so I know how you feel about it!

thanks kerrix


5 thoughts on “Tag Swap Update!

  1. The more the merrier is my thought on the matter………..just think how exciting it will be to get so many wonderful & different tags 🙂
    Better head to the newsagent next week a buy a box of tags though, so I’m all ready to stamp, stamp, stamp!!!!!!
    See ya Sunday………can’t wait to get ‘shrinking’ with you

  2. I agree with the other ladies the excitment of what you would get is fun! i really dont mind stamping as many as need now that i know where to get them from..

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