“8 Reason why I luv my Mum!”

This layout I completed for August Challenge #1 @ Home and Scrapped!

I had to use 1 butterfly, 2 flourishes, 3 photos, 4 ribbons, 5 pattern papers, 6 buttons, 7 flowers and 8 reasons why you love the person in your photos!

 These photos are of mum bathing Cody in the kitchen sink as he was to small for his bath at the time! He was only 3lb 4ozs born and 8 weeks premature and now he is 18 and 5ft 8″ tall!

My 8 reason why I love my mum are;

1.  You love me.   2.You are always there!.  3. You guide me.  4. You teach me. 5. You gave me room to grow. 6. You never left me alone. 7. You let me cry and comfort me.  8. You hugged me and said ‘I Love You!”

I loved doing this layout about my mum, as she is such a loving and caring person in my life! She has always been there for my sister and I and she has been the best mum, she could be for us growing up!


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