“A Yr of Drought!”

I took these pictures last year of our very sad looking Colac Lake! For the first time in almost 90 years it was drying up! Dad said he remembered the last ime back around 1927 he said it was! all the fish were dying and make it stick something awfull and it was horrible!

The Lake is our main tourist attraction in the town and it was sad to see it like that! But that’s nature! As we have had lovely rain at the moment it is filling up but once summer hits it will probably dry up agin!

This  was the last Aug Challenge for me to complete at Challenge Heaven and I might add  I have never finished them all before with working!  Having the boys home this week was good in a way! Apart from looking after mum and dad I was home a fair bit and managed a little ‘me time!”

P.S. If you notice the tag it is one from the lovely Leaane Lovett she stamped for last months Shipping Tag Swap! x


2 thoughts on ““A Yr of Drought!”

  1. Great layout Kerri, with two of my boys being rowers we always take great interest in what’s happening with the lake and wondering how long it will be before they can row on it again!

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