“My Page Kit/Swap!”

The photo on the top is of the lovely Page Kit I received to make these two layouts of JJ and Caitlyn with JJ’s mice Scheemeer and Nibbles!  This was such a lovely kit with sooo many goodies in it! What to use?  I printed the photos in black and white as JJ was wearing a very bright blue t-shirt and I wanted to be able to blend the photos in with the lovely brown and pink pp and embellishments!  I wasn’t very happy with the photos as I have a new printer and trying to get used to it!  I tried to keep it ‘Girly’ for Caitlyn’s page and a bit more ‘boyish’ with the browns on JJ’s page!

Sadly we lost Nibbles the little black and white one in April as she had a tumor! Very common in mice so the vet told me!  JJ hasn’t replaced Nibbs and I’m not sure if he will! He was very happy that mum took these photos and I was going to scrap them! Thanks to Amy and Kerri for this lovely kit!


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