“Moving again!”

No, not house moving but scrap room moving!  I know there must be something really wrong with me! I think there is too sometimes!

 Cody even said “mum, I will bet you twenty bucks that you will shift your scrapbooking stuff again this year!” Well I took him up on that bet hoping I can finally stay where I have moved!

I think it is because I re-organised my bits and pieces and didn’t have a big enough table to work from that I moved! I left the kitchen table in the lounge from my scrappy day with Sheryn and that was bad idea as I was using it and spreading stuff everywhere! I then realised I limited my scrap table space just a bit!

I re-organised my stickers into a binder with page protectors so I could find what I was looking for and sorted out my very messy scraps into their colours so I will use them up! I have all my embellishments in one basket and my 12×12 cs and paper close in reach now with my sticker binder!

I have my most used tools and bits like my ‘new’ spice rack embellishment caddy, pens and pencils, sissors,glue etc on my desk and other things like stamps, blocks, inks, etc near me also; and then my Cuttlebug, and other tools I don’t use as much on the other side! I might actually get some scrapping done this weekend as I will be able to find things! Yipee!

I think now using up my stash will be more fun because I know what I have  now and I wont be doubleing up on products I already have and I have found items that I had forgotten about!

I picked up this lovely wire dress from the reject shop that I thought would look nice with part of my ever growing ribbon collection hanging on it! I am quite happy with it sitting on my desk! It is functional and a bit of ‘home decor’. I hope you all don’t think I am going silly and that maybe my ‘spring clean’ has inpired you to rethink your scrapbooking organisation!

“If you cant find it, you wont use it!”

Kerri x


One thought on ““Moving again!”

  1. OMG……..ROFL…….I thought I was bad moving my ‘stuff’ around and ‘reorganising’ it, but you win hands down 😛
    Hmmmm…wonder if Cody will get his money, lol
    Looks good though – a job well done!!!!!
    Seems as though you have thought outside the ‘square’ once again…..material embies….can’t wait to see a few layouts featuring your ‘new’ flower/buttons.
    Love your last challenge page too.
    Look forward to catching up soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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