“Home From Holidays!”

Hi Everyone,

Just catching you up on what’s happening with “Kaszazz” this month and some holiday pics to have a peek at! Lots of Scrapping for me this week I hope; still on holidays until the 27th! Yipeeee!!!

Just popped in up on the top Banner the great April Promotions for my great customers this month and I think you will like them! Go on have a peek!!!! If you would like to order any before they run out at the end of the month just let me know by Friday 23/4/2010 by luch time if possible as I will be doing an order! The two pics below are of the Blow Hole at Cape Nelson and it was about 5.30 and got a lovely photo of the sunset!

Anyway we all had a great time in Portland for 5 days! We did some fishing, sightseeing, shopping, beach walks and JJ had a swim! I had a paddle and it was lovley! It was nice to get out of our normal daily routine and it was really relaxing! Just a few pics for you to have a peek at and between Cody and I we took over 200 photos! OMG!

Cody turned 18 last Tuesday the 13th and I bought him a diver’s watch and his dad is buying him a camera! The boys thoroughly enjoyed the fishing with Jas and we did all the tourist bits! Below are a few pics of us and the beautiful scenery, the cheeky seals that come in every night to be fed,the Blue Lake at Mount Gambier and JJ having fun on the Cable Car ride we went on Thursday around the town, and him having fun at the beach which was only about 50 metres from our cabin! It was great fun and the driver Jack was very funny!! Hope you like my few pics, we will definately going back for another holiday at Portland!!  Will get some scrapping done this week!

Kerri xx


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